A Powerful Business Identity Equals Marketing Muscle


This decade, your company is marketing to the most selective, most demanding and most sophisticated audience the world has ever seen. Every day, your website, marketing literature and corporate communications put you and your company on the line. First impressions count; great visuals and great design counts.

Briefly, marketing is a strategic exercise by which you determine how you are going to reach your customers, persuade them to purchase from you and, after the purchase, make them happy. Successful marketing generally has several moving parts, including a dynamic web presence, PR, social media, advertising and graphic design.

My job is to understand your marketing strategy, create your corporate image and then seamlessly connect the two. It is critical that your graphic communications help you initiate and maintain relationships with your customer base. Why? Because brand loyalty is the most essential element in establishing sustainable commerce.


Image courtesy Pear Biter used under a Creative Commons license.

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