Great Design Gets Noticed — Again and Again


Raise your prospect’s eyebrows and expectations by simply looking better than your competition. When you have unique collateral, a great logo and a beautiful website, your business stands apart and makes a powerful impression on your audience.

Even though graphic design is generally the “last 10 feet” in a marketing strategy, graphics are the critical link between you and your audience because they are literally the face of your company. Graphics guide the first impression prospects have of you and provide rock-solid reassurance to customers, employees, investors, the media and all of your various audiences.

There is good reason to demand good design —
65% of us are visual learners

Most human beings — by a wide margin — gather information best by looking, reading, and watching. Visual learners typically tune out spoken directions and instead favor illustrated explanations, pictures or charts. A visual learner can “see” ideas in their mind’s eye, remembering visual details from places they’ve visited or pictures they’ve seen. By comparison, 30% of people prefer auditory information and 5% of the population prefer movement and touch.

When you need a professional appearance, hire a professional designer. Period.


Image courtesy B Photographic used under a Creative Commons license.

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